Third Wave Water - Espresso Profile

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Third Wave Water was founded in 2016 by two coffee-lovers, who recognised the importance of having the right water blend for the perfect cup of coffee.  The idea of bottling up the perfect blend of water inspired the founders to create 'dehydrated water': a perfect powdered mineral blend for brewing coffee that you add to your existing water. 

After extensive research and experimentation, they finally created the right water for brewing coffee. Third Wave Water capsules are compliant with The Specialty Coffee Association's (SCA) guidelines for optimum brewing water. The capsule contains the perfect amount of calcium citrate, magnesium sulphate, and sodium chloride that will take a gallon of de-mineralized water and bring its mineral content up to an optimum level for coffee brewing. 

Each pack contains a custom blend of water soluble minerals designed to be added to a gallon (3.8L) of distilled water. These minerals, such as magnesium, aid in coffee extraction, by helping the soluble compounds in the coffee grounds bond with the water particles. One capsule of the powdered minerals can be added to 19L of distilledwater to achieve a desired SCAA reading of ~140tds (total dissolved solids), with 50-60ppm(parts per million) calcium citrate, 70-80ppm magnesium, and 10-15ppm sodium. 

How To Use
Third Wave Water Espresso Profile capsules are formulated to make delicious coffee while keeping your machine running at peak performance. Simply add one capsule to 4L of distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water, shake, and use to make your favourite coffee. 

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