Alignment and Quality

We are well aware every customer wants a jug with perfect alignment between spout and handle. Building products that people love is a part of our design goals and vision. By creating high-quality products, we have developed and implemented proper tools to ensure best practices for manufacturing operation.

As the stainless steel material have their own tenacity, and each part’s tenacity is different, after the producing steps each component will be different for every part of the milk jugs. We will monitor and test to ensure they are all the same. However everything will have the tolerance due to the material tenacity, so you will find a little difference in alignment of the jug or between different jugs, this is because of the material tenacity, but we will try to control the tolerance within 1-3mm in mass production. We will ensure again by our control inspector before packing to QC that our products have met our criteria and try to investigate and control the level of tolerance +- 3mm.

We are also well aware that every customer has different ideas and methods for checking the alignment of the milk jug. However, we use Paper Metric Scale method to measure and QC the jug as the number in the scale will indicate the tolerance in metric units. At our factory, we are using this method to find the MID point of the JUG to place the handle right in the Center.

We believe this Paper Metric Scale is the best way to check as we use the number for the measurement and don’t judge by appearance using eyesight or X & Y Scale without numbers, as it may create an incorrect assumption in some way.

At the warehouse, when it comes to checking the product before shipping, we will do double quality control inspection to prevent defects in your goods. We promise to send out only the jugs that pass the 2nd QC, and the inspectors will discard any jugs that do not meet our company standards (*tolerance within 0.01- 2 mm), including material, coloring and etc.

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